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About The Charity

The Mustard Seed School Lunch Program is designed to assist families and schools with food security by providing nutritious lunches. Every school day volunteers make between 330-350 lunches that are delivered directly to 36 schools in Red Deer.


Keeping proper nutrition in mind, the lunches they pack include a whole wheat sandwich of the children's choice, a serving of fresh fruit, a serving of fresh vegetables, and an in-house-made snack item (cookie, muffin, granola bar etc.) All of the lunches are made fresh the day that they are delivered and are nut-free. 


In 2019, The Mustard Seed volunteers made over 66,000 lunches for hungry kids right here in Red Deer. With your help, they are hoping to raise funds to continue to expand their program through the summer months. Each lunch costs approximately $2, so make yourself a goal to feed a student in Red Deer for a month ($40), six months ($240) or a year ($360)!  Every little bit helps and the sky is the limit! Gather your family and friends, get a team going, and let's work together to make a huge impact on the lives of school children in Red Deer!  


100% of all donations for The Mustard Seed School Lunch Program received through the Red Deer PCN Women's Fun Run will go to benefit children in our community. 


Thank you for your support!

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Here's how YOU can help!


1.  Donate on EVENTBRITE - this can be done when you are registering for the race or as a stand-alone donation anytime up until May 6th​. 

2.  Donate in person at Package Pickup or on race day at The Mustard Seed booth in the expo. 

3.  Print off a PLEDGE FORM to collect from friends, family and neighbours. Turn in pledge forms and all payments by 7:00pm at package pickup on May 8th.   Cheques should be made payable to "The Mustard Seed".

4.  Share The Mustard Seed's GOFUNDME page to friends and family!

5.  Register to participate in the COMMUNITY DIAPER DASH. 

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